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 Read, Read, Read-pick books from EPIC, Unite for Learning, Scholastic Learn at Home, your own bookshelf, etc. Every day!!!!!!! It is so important!!!!

 Week 3

* keep practicing your shoe tying skills! 

*practice writing letters/numbers- b,d,p,s,    2,5,7,9- be sure they are not backwards :)


Monday- March 30, 2020- "Ketchup Day"

Shared Reading catch up day. I realized I messed up the first week because I counted Monday as Day 1 and we were in school that day, so you may be behind one day. Take today to complete anything you may have missed in shared reading and spelling.


Math-  please complete any of the last 2 weeks math assignments OR complete a few of the math review pages in the back of your packet. Play a few minutes on Prodigy, see if you can advance 1 level! Have Fun!


Writing- Weekend News- write about something you did this weekend with your family- remember it does not have to be something super exciting! You can tell us something you watched on tv, played, had for breakfast, looked at, etc.

Special -Art- Send a picture to Mrs. Churchill! She will love it!.


** play outside! It's supposed to be a nice day, finally!


Tuesday- March 31, 2020

Shared Reading-  Lesson 22, Read "Amazing Animals". go to page 42

Read the new sight words (baby, begins,eight, follow, learning, until, years, young) Watch the sight word video

Discuss the story with someone in your house- (What is the genre of the story?, what are some facts that you already knew about these animals?, what are some new facts that you learned? why do you think the author wrote this selection? 

Complete page 94 in green Reader's Notebook (words to know/sight words)



Math-   Play a few minutes on Prodigy, see if you can advance 1 level! Have Fun!


Spelling/Phonics- write new spelling words in your journal 3 times each-

r-controlled vowels (/ir,er,ur/  "bossy r") her, fern, girl, sir, stir, bird, fur, hurt, turn, third


Writing- Choose two of your favorite animals from the text.  Write one fact about each of the two animals you chose.

Write one more fact you know about any animal.(The last animal does not have to be from the text)


Special -Gym 

**see additional resources that will support your child on our class webpage.**


Wednesday, April 1, 2020    Your packet of new materials should arrive sometime today.  Keep on the "look-out"!


Shared Reading- "Read "Amazing Animals" independently.

complete pages 100-101 in your green Readers Notebook.


Spelling-spell your spelling words to someone in your house OR complete page  96  in your green Readers Notebook.


Math- start new math packet when it arrives p. 212.  If you do not receive the packet early enough, complete one of the review pages in the back of the packet that you already have.


Guided Reading- take a look at your new books when they arrive!


Thursday, April 2, 2020


Hopefully everyone received their packet yesterday!  We are going to move onto lesson 23 "Whistle for Willie", which is where your packet begins.  I know we did not spend too much time on this last story, but some students do not have adequate access to the technology needed, so switching to the packets is necessary so we are all on the same page.  All the related materials are still on our website, as well as, in the packet.  Feel free to use what works best for you!


Shared Reading- complete Day 1 in your packet.


Spelling, phonics and grammar practice pages are in the middle of the packet.


Math-complete page 211 in the math packet. An explanation of function machines can be found on pages 56-58 (in the packet). If you have internet access,  there is a great lesson on youtube found here:

This first lesson in the math packet should take at least 3 days.  Take it nice and slow, it can be challenging!


gym- refer to Mr. Ludman's website above-  get some exercise!


 Friday, April 3, 2020  HAPPY FRIDAY!


 Shared Reading- Re-read "Whistle for Willie". Complete one of the cause and effects worksheets (in packet) that go along with the story.  Cause- why does something happen? effect- what happens?  life example: because people can get sick from this virus, we have to stay home. The cause is the virus, the effect is we have to stay home and not go to school. :(


Math- practice function machines again today!  Are you getting it? Keep practicing!


spelling- pick a worksheet from your packet that goes along with this week's words OR build your words with any supplies you have at home (playdough, sand, salt, chalk, noodles, buttons,shaving cream,  etc.) look, book,good, hook, brook, took, foot, shook, wood, hood


Writing- Peter learned to whistle because he practiced a lot!  Write about something you are  good at because you practiced! Maybe you are just starting to get good at something, because you are practicing now!  Write at least 3 sentences about your talent!  Share if you can, we would love to see it!


Special -Music- refer to Mr. Evans website at the top of the page!