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Here you will find our weekly Journeys lessons. Math packets will be sent home  Monday, 3/16/2020


Please complete assignments and/or activities for each week until further notice. Any written assignment can be done in your blue writing journal that was sent home.




*Reminder! Sight words, spelling words and 100s grid are all located in your child's green homework folder.



Refer to each specials area teacher for special activities.


Tuesday and Thursday- Gym-

Wednesday- Library-



Ms. Paula- Occupational therapist: 



Monday June 8, 2020- Friday, June 12, 2020

click on the calendar below for all assignments this week!


 Calendar for Monday June 8 - Friday, June 12









-Zoom at 10am

-Math choice board  


-Math choice board 

-Read the last Journey story, 

"Mia Hamm, Winners Never Quit"

-Use this link if first one does not work for you (p. 159)


-Math choice board

-Watch this Epic story, "Maria Finds Courage"

-Write about a time when something was hard for you and you quit or wanted to quit. 

-Zoom at 7pm 


-Math choice board 

-Watch the story, Big Al. How would you describe Big Al on the outside?(before reading the story)

How would you describe Big Al on the inside? (after reading the story)



 It’s Field Day!

-Have a few relay races outside 

-Try some gym activities (Mr. Ludman's website)

-Have fun with a  few GoNoodle activities Enjoy!



 **Please feel free to reach out to us through Class Dojo or email, if you have any questions or concerns.  We will do anything we can to assist you.


We hope everyone is keeping safe, happy and healthy! Please visit the district website for updates.