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Throughout the school year, we will visit the following topics:

Unit 1:  Astronomy

Unit 2:  Weather and Climate

Unit 3:  Structure and Properties of Matter

Unit 4:  Interactions of Matter

Unit 5:  Chemical Reactions

Unit 6:  Inheritance and Variation of Traits

Unit 7:  Selection and Adaptation

Unit 8:  Stability and Change on Earth

Unit 9:  Human Impact



Grading Policy

Classwork   25%


Homework  10%


     Projects/Labs          20%


Summative Assessments    20%


Formative Assessments  25%



Science Links:












After-school clubs will start September.  Stay tuned on days!

The clubs will be held throughout the week right after school until 4:00pm.  An after school bus will be available.  If your child will be picked up, their ride must be here by 4:00.  Failure to be at school by 4:00 will result in your child having to board the bus.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!