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Jerry Spinelli
Author Study Project
Purpose of the Author Study
To get to know the real person behind the favorite books you like to read.


You are going to find information about the author of your book club in order to create a project to honor them.
There are two types of information you need about your author:
You should take notes on what you find.  You should try to learn as much as you can about your author. 
Become an expert!
     Professional Information
What are the names of all the books your author has completed?  How many were there?
Which was the first book written?  Have any books won awards?
Where did the author attend school?  What degrees did they receive?
What other kinds of jobs has the author had?
Does the author have a favorite book they have written?  Why is it their favorite?
Which part of creating books comes easily to your author?  Which parts are more difficult?
Is there anything that is a special inspiration to your author?
        Personal Information
When was your author born?  How old is the author?  If dead, when did your author die?  How did they die?  How old were they?
Where does/did he or she live/lived?
Does your author have a family?  Children?
Does your author have any pets?
Does the author have any special interests outside of writing books?
Can you give examples of the artist’s family, pets, personal experience, or interests appearing in or affecting his or her work?
If you had to say in a few sentences what your author does in books that makes them different from any other author, what would you say?
Where Can I Find Information on Jerry Spinelli???
 Project Choices
Student Story
Sell It
Published Works
Letter to the author
Bio Sketch
Author Poster
See the bins in the classroom for specific directions on each project.