Word Analysis -patterns - wr, kn, gn, mb

1.  thumb

2.  gnaw

3.  know

4.  climb

5.  wrist

6.  design

7.  crumb

8. assign

9.  wrench

10.  knot 



Learning Goals for the week:  

* I Can -

* Spell words with wr, kn, gn, mb

* Identify and correctly use irregular verbs

* Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of the text, referring to the text for answers

* Refer to text when writing or speaking about content

* Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown words.

* Determine the main idea of a text

* Represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division. 

*Classify animals into maor groups according to their physical characteristics and behaviors. 






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Monday:    Math Page

                 Read for 20 Minutes/Log

                  Choice Board 



Tuesday:  Math Page

                Read for 20 minutes/log

                Choice Board 



Wednesday:  Math Page

                     Read for 20 Minutes/log

                     Choice Board 



Thursday:  Math Page

                  Read for 20 minutes/log

                  Choice Board


Friday:  Happy Weekend 


Upcoming Events -  

January 18th, McDonald's Spirit Night

January 19th, Report cards go home

Change of Date

Feb. 22nd, Dinner and Data - Student Led Conferences






Donations would be greatly appreciated - Our classroom is in need of:   

RED checking Pens 

#2 Pencils 

24 count Crayola Crayons 

Baby Wipes 

Cap or bar erasers