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PLEASE PRACTICE your addition and subtraction math facts 5 minutes daily!!!!!!  


Vocabulary Words to Know


  • Major event: Something important that happens in a story

  • Challenge: a difficult task or problem

  • Respond: to say or write something as an answer to a question or request

  • Describe: To tell someone about something

  • Characters: The people and/or animals in a story

  • Settings: when and where a story takes place

  • Sequence: a particular order in which events happen first, next, then, last, or beginning, middle, end   

  • trick:  to cheat or deceive

  • replied: to respond

  • clearly: in a clever manner




Word of the Week  

Guide - to lead or direct 

Character Word of the week  

compassionate - caring, kind feelings towards others 







Monday:        Read for 15 minutes 

                     Math Page

                     Study Vocabulary Words 


Tuesday:       Read for 15 Minutes 

                     Math Page

                     Study Vocabulary Words 


Wednesday: Read for 15 Minutes

                    Math Page

                    Study Vocabulary Words 


Thursday:     Read for 15 Minutes

                     Math Page



Friday:   Happy Friday -  






Learning Goals for the week:  

I Can:

* Ask and answer WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW questions about informational text.

*Identify the central message of a story.

*Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges.

* Identify and describe nouns in a sentence.

* Define key vocabulary terms. 

* Read and write numbers to a thousand.

* Explain what a habit is.

* Recognize and explain different habitats

* Explain why living things live in a particular habitat.     



Important Dates - 


October 12th - End of the first quarter 



Specials this week - 

Monday - 

Tuesday - PE

Wednesday -  

Thursday - 

Friday - 


This Friday Upstander Day - Wear an ORANGE shirt 


For those students who have paid $1.00 - You may wear a Tropical Shirt on the following dates.  




No Date in December