Mrs. Alicia Ford                                              

Spanish Teacher                                                          

Kindergarten-7th Grades
Contact Information:

I work:  Monday-Thursday, 7:30-3:45 p.m.


Cedarwood School provides an excellent opportunity for its students to learn the Spanish language.  Our Kindergarten-Third Grade students come to Spanish once a week for 45 minutes.  Fourth-Seventh Graders are engaged each week for two 45 minute segments.

Our Spanish curriculum is based on four principles to help build a second language foundation – listening, speaking, writing and reading in an informed and relaxed environment.

Kindergarteners learn simple greetings, courtesy expressions, commands, the days of the week, the calendar, numbers from 1-100, the seasons, parts of the body, weather expressions, and the colors.  Kindergarteners also begin to build a vocabulary for words pertaining to school, home and the community.  We accomplish this through bilingual songs, coloring activities, skits, stories, games and vocabulary building exercises.

Our 4th-7th grade students embark on a more in depth approach to learning a language.  Students build listening skills by listening to narrators  in conversation about lesson dialogues focusing on  target vocabulary. Students read short stories and answer comprehension questions to focus on reading skills.  Our curriculum also focuses on sentence structures (subject pronouns, nouns, infinitive verbs and their conjugations, adjectives and adverbs) to concentrate on the writing component. In addition, and most importantly, we build conversation fluency through scripted dialogues on target vocabulary and grammar to improve speaking skills.  Our 6th and 7th grade students receive a letter grade in Spanish.

All students are taught about the varied Spanish countries, their customs and the people.  Sometimes our students even take field trips!  Middle school students have attended plays and dance performances sponsored by the National Theater for Art and Education.

Every year we celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Cedarwood with a grand “fiesta” at school complete with food, drink, crafts and piñatas.  It’s a wonderful celebration for our students to partake in and completes their history lesson on the “Battle of Puebla”.

I am in my 13th year as Spanish Teacher at Cedarwood.  I graduated from LSU with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Spanish.  I grew up in Panama and was fortunate to be a native speaker at a young age.  It is an honor to share the importance and benefits of learning a second language with Cedarwood students!