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Games that will help you practice identifying text structure:


Snowball Fight
Throw snowballs and hit as many people as possible before they hit you [How To Play Snowball Fight].  


Heroic Ants
Very fun game where you throw an ant across the yard and see how far he goes. Try to set a personal record [How To Play Heroic Ants].


Paper Bird (Flappy Bird)
In this strangely addictive game you need to help a paper bird fly through the obstacles by flapping its wings. [How To Play Paper Bird].


Wild Wild Taxi Racing
Drive as fast as possible and go as far as you can without crashing your cab into other cars which are on the road [How To Play Wild Taxi].


Free Kick Soccer
Try and score a penalty shot against a goalie but keep your eye on the target or you might miss the shot [How To Play Free Kick Soccer].



Tower Blocks
An addicting game where the player needs to stack the blocks as high as they can before they fall [How To Play Tower Blocks].


Jumping Tiles
You need to click the highlighted tile to jump onto the next tile. The faster you finish, the higher your score [How To Play Tiles].


Ghost Man
Try to eat as many dots as possible before the scary ghosts attack you and end your turn of play [How To Play Ghost Man].


Moles in Holes
Connect the moles to the food with tunnels and the tunnels must not cross each other [How To Play Moles in Holes]


Clear the board by matching three or more colored stars [How To Play Staries]



Alien Intruders
The aliens are attacking your spaceship and you must try to defend yourself before they destroy you! [How To Play Alien Intruders].


Word Grid
Try to find as many words as you can. The bigger the word the more points! [How To Word Grid]



Bouncing Balls
Play this fun game in which you must try to get clear as many balls from the screen before they fall [How To Play Bouncing Balls].


Coin Under Cups
Select the cups which contain coin(s) after they are shuffled around [How To Play Coins Under Cups]


Leaping Frog
Help this frog get to the other side by controlling its jumps! [How To Play Leaping Frogs].



Question Quiz
Do not feel like playing a game? In this non-game format, pick the answer and see if you are correct. [Text Structures Multiple Choice Test]



Text Structures Flashcards
Flashcards let you study just as you would using real flashcards to drive home the material.



Nothing But Net [swf/flash may not work on all browsers]
Shoot the ball to all the baskets and see how many you can get before your next question pops up [How To Play Nothing But Net].



Hovercraft Racing [swf/flash may not work on all browsers]
Test your racing skills against the computer in the fun game but be careful, hovercrafts are very hard to control [How To Play Hovercraft Racing].