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                              Welcome to Mrs. Beute's webpage!


    Just so you know.....I've moved! You can now find me in my cozy corner in the pod by first grade!

I am in room 13 so please stop by and visit!


                      My daily schedule:


                      9:05-10:05- Hanging out with kindergarten friends

                                          in Mrs.Twomey's room

                      10:05-11:35- Teaching third graders language arts in room 13

                      11;35-12:05- Getting stuff done that needs to be done

                      12:05-12:35- Eating lunch (maybe)

                      12:35-1:05 -  Giving extra help

                      1:05-2:05 - Teaching third grade math in room 13

                      2:05-3:05  - Teaching second grade math in room 13

                      3:20- Going home!



          What we learn in third grade English Language Arts class:


 *We learn how to choose the right book to read and we learn about the many different types of books in the  world.


 *We learn about authors and about how WE can become authors.


*We learn about words and all the tricks that will help us to read and spell words correctly by using the Orton Gillingham multi-sensory program.


*We learn about grammar (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs…. And how we can put these together to make beautiful sentences.  Listen to your child speak and correct them if they do not make sense!


*We learn how to express ourselves in writing so others can understand what we are trying to say.


 *MOST IMPORTANTLY- Your children will learn that they can do almost anything if they try hard enough and  never give up! I hope every child in my class will learn that they all have special talents and be proud of what they do….EVERY DAY!


                                               Moms and Dads’ daily homework:


  1.  Sign blue reading notebook every night after your child reads for 15 minutes. There are other options:
  • You may read together!
  • Your child may read to YOU!
  • Your child may read silently or to a pet.
  • You may read TO your child (but not ALL the time).
  • Your child may read on RAZ Kids

2. Please make sure YOU look at your child's agenda and folder and returns it to school every day.

3. Please e-mail me asap if there are any problems I should know about before the start of school. ( If you need to talk in person, leave your number and I will call you back as soon as I can.

4.  Spelling- Your child will have a personalized spelling list that will grow and grow and grow. Please keep the index cards together in a box or folder that will come home with your child.  Review, Review, Review!