Dear Parents/Guardians,



As we progress through this new school year, the students are all adjusting to school very well.  

Science Fair packets have been handed out. Due dates and guidelines are included.  The packet is also posted on this website.  Look in the sidebar menu for "science fair packet"


**Remember:  8th grade MUST participate in the Science Fair.  The fair will be held on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9TH, 2016. 


The Mire Science Club will be having our next meeting October 27th, 3:30-5pm, in Mrs. DeMoura's classroom. We will have our most popular meeting of the year: Halloween fun with games and experiments! Be sure to pencil in the date.  I will send out a Remind closer to the date.


Topics will be assigned this year. Your child will select a topic from a list of pre-approved topics. If they do not use a pre approved topic, this MUST be approved before moving forward with the project.



Robotics: We will be meeting every Thurs. from 3:10 - 5pm.  Your child must have an honor roll status at all times to participate in robotics at school and in competition, if we participate.




Your child is part of the new Google Classroom that I have set up for off-site learning in science.  I will give them all the information needed to keep up with what we are learning and have extra time to watch videos/PowerPoints, get handouts, and print notes on what we are learning.  This advantage has transformed how I teach and your child learns!  I am excited to offer this new technology at Mire!  The link for Google Classroom is here on the sidebar.


As always,  if you have any questions , email me at . Please put "Parent Email" in the subject line to get through the spam filter.





Mrs. Crystal DeMoura

Middle School Science                             



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