Dear Parents/Guardians,

    The Parish Science Fair was held January 26th, at the Rayne Civic Center. We placed in 9 of 15 categories we entered and here are the results:


Animal Science                       

1st: Lauren Broussard             

2nd: Gracie Vanhyfte                                                        



2nd: Abbie Gala and Emily Marceaux


Biomedical                                 Chemistry                

2nd Abigail Fogleman              2nd Avery Sturgis 



2nd: Kasen Richard


Microbiology                        Physics                                                               

1st Sarah Henry                  2nd: William Arceneaux and Ethan Theriot


3rd Emily Daigle             


 Congratulations to all Parish winners!  The Regional Fair wil be held at Blackham Coliseum on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017.  We will update this webpage if we win there!





 Your child is part of the new Google Classroom that I have set up for off-site learning in science.  I will give them all the information needed to keep up with what we are learning and have extra time to watch videos/PowerPoints, get handouts, and print notes on what we are learning.  This advantage has transformed how I teach and your child learns!  I am excited to offer this new technology at Mire!  The link for Google Classroom is here on the sidebar.


As always,  if you have any questions , email me at . Please put "Parent Email" in the subject line to get through the spam filter.





Mrs. Crystal DeMoura

Middle School Science                             



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