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Dear Hopewell Families;


   Welcome back everyone!  It has been an exciting first week of school for our students and staff!

The best moment of the week was greeting your children the first day as they returned to us from their summer adventures. A long line of teachers assembled in the front of the school to give hugs, high-fives and a few helping hands to boys and girls as they stepped off of the bus and into a new year.


   This week, we have been getting to know your child and helping them learn about the expectations of their new class and grade.  This is an important time, and teachers work hard to build a solid foundation of caring, trust and fun in their classrooms.  These conversations will help your child feel confident enough to take the kind of learning risks that are necessary for truly meaningful growth. 

This week, I visited each classroom to say "Hello" and share some back-to-school thoughts.  My message was this: "We are all so happy to have you with us at Hopewell. You will have many wonderful learning opportunities ahead of you. I want you to know that your teacher will work very hard to help you have a successful year, but they will need your help. They need you to come to school each day with your mind and body ready to learn. When you are here, do your best. Expect to work hard, struggle a little, and have fun! Working together, you will have an amazing year."


   I want to thank you of entrusting us with the care and education of your child. It is a special privilege, and we cherish the opportunity to be a significant part of your child's learning life. I hope that you will join us as close partners in this wonderful adventure!  I believe that this is the beginning of an amazing school year!



Sincerely, Mrs. Price