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                                 The fist test is a simple way to know if a book is the right reading level for you. It is a handy way because you don't need anything other than one of your hands.                                 1. Find a book you would like to read.                                              2. Turn to a page somewhere in the middle of the book.                                                 3. Hold one hand up with all five fingers up. It's best to use the hand that is not holding the book.                                                  4. Start to read the page. Every time you miss a word, put a finger down.                                                          5. One or two fingers down after you read the page means that this book will be a good one for you. It will help you to learn some new words, and it will be a comfortable level.                                6. If you get three or four words wrong and there are three or four fingers down, this book may be too hard for you.                                7. If you have five fingers down or a fist, it is a good idea to put the book back and try it again in a month or so.                                8. Books should be enjoyable, so if the book you choose is too hard, it  may be too much work for you to read it. You will be happier with a book that is the right one for you!