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Algebra I:

Algebra I is the first course in a series of math classes that you will take in high school. It will be followed by Geometry, Algebra II and possibly higher level classes after that depending on your career goals. Some of the topics we will discuss include:  writing equations, properties of real numbers, solving and graphing linear equations as well as linear inequalities, solving systems of equations, exponents and exponential functions, quadratic equations and functions, polynomials/factoring and data analysis.



Geometry is the course following Algebra 1 (pre-req).Topics include basic vocabulary and concepts of geometry, analyzing, defining, and applying relationships between lines and polygons, drawing geometric figures in a coordinate plane and justifying the properties of the figures, using theorems and postulates to determine similarity and congruence of polygons, analyzing properties of circles, analyzing properties of two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures, using trigonometric ratios to determine lengths and measures of segments and angles, and performing geometric constructions and designs.



Classroom Procedures/ Policies:

Students must be on time to class. Students are to practice social distancing when possible. They must wear masks at all times. Students must bring all supplies they wish to use and cannot share any classroom supplies. Students cannot pass paper, worksheets, pens, pencils, books, calculators, etc. to each other. If there is any group work, we will practice social distancing; we will not place desks near one another, and we will not get up to switch desks to be close to one another. Groups will be assigned so that movement is not necessary. Cell phones should be silenced and put away unless teacher grants permission to use in class. Students must be fully compliant with the dress code.  Failure to follow policies and procedures will negatively affect your grade.



  * Since the material that we will be learning is rigorous, and I have high expectations of my students.

  * Students should come to class on time and prepared, with all materials in hand for the day’s lesson.

  * Completing homework in a careful, diligent manner will be another key to success. Not completing homework, or completing it hurriedly, will leave you at a disadvantage in class.  


Virtual Learning:

Please visit our google classroom, and check your email frequently! All resources/ information presented in class can be found on either google classroom or here. When submitting work virtually, work must be submitted in your own handwriting (not as a document) with ALL work shown of how your solution was determined/developed. You should take a picture of your work and upload to google classroom within its assignment. No credit will be given to assignments submitted with no work shown.




  • 50 % - Assessments and projects (Tests will 2x the weight as Quizzes)
  • 25 % - Classwork and Homework
  • 25 % - Participation and Attendance



Revised Test-Retake Policy:

At this point in time, we are not allowed to meet before/after school for extra help. I will assign extra practice problems after tests and quizzes and will post these on our google classroom. You will have to submit completed problems with adequate work and your parent/guardians’ signature. This privilege is solely at my discretion.


If you are making sufficient progress you may then retake the test during your regularly scheduled class. You will be making the choice to miss that particular lesson. However, you will have to take it in the same room despite any distractions.


Absence Policy:


*Absences are taken very seriously at this time*


When you are absent form in-person instruction you must:


      1. Get the notes from a classmate.

(Asking them to send you a picture of the notes is the most hygienic option)


      2. Get help with anything you don’t understand.

(Remember that before/after school help is unavailable in person, but I will be available on google hangouts and meet to answer questions. You can also email, text, or face-time classmates if I am unavailable).


      3. Be ready to take any make-up quiz/test  IF  you were only absent the day the original quiz/test was administered. (This will be done during the regular lesson. You cannot leave the room. You must take it despite any distractions.)


My Information:

e-mail/ Google Classroom/ Hangouts/ Meet:

phone: (856)935-3900 ext. 3145