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It's back to school time!   It's also time to start thinking about supplies so you are prepared to have a GREAT year!  Target, WalMart, Five Below, and even dollar stores are having great sales on these items right now.

Please note that the items with a * 
will be used to replenish our supply throughout the year.






School Marble Composition Book -Red (vector) Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration

composition books

(suggested colors: red, yellow, blue, black)




Image result for folders 

pocket folders

(suggested colors: red, yellow, blue, any)




Image result for pencil pouch

large pencil pouch


1 pair


           Image result for kid scissors          

                kid scissors                   


1 package

 Image result for composition paper

                                composition paper *



                            highlighters (any color)



    Image result for colored pens  
colored pens 


1 box


Image result for 24 pack crayons
24 pack crayons


1 package


 3x3 Post it notes


1 pack


Image result for index cards 
index cards (any color)




Image result for dry erase markers

dry erase markers 

4 dozen

 Image result for package of pencils
   pencils *




Image result for glue sticks 

large glue sticks *



Image result for sock

clean sock

(for white boards)


1 container


Image result for disinfectant wipes
disinfecting wipes *


1 box


Image result for ziploc bags

ziploc bags *

(boys - gallon size)

(girls - sandwich or snack size)



large box of tissues *


Thanks SO much for your help!