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Anchor Text:  Animal Groups

Genre: Informational Text


Paired Selection:   Animal Picnic

Genre: Play


Decodable Readers:

Mike's Bike

The Nest

The Nice Vet

Kite Time



Target Skill: 

Compare & Contrast

Text & Graphic Features


Target Strategy:  

Monitor & Clarify



Long I

Digraphs: kn, wr, gn, mb

Phonograms: -ine, -ite



High Frequency Words (Sight Words):

bird, both, eyes, fly, long, or, those, walk


Read Aloud:

The Dancing Wolves





Spelling Words:

time, kite, like, bike, white, drive


Challenge Spelling Words:


price, spine, try, fly, shy, eye


Grammar Skills:

The verb Be


Writing Mods:

Informative Writing: Report

Focus Trait: Word Choice


Vocabulary Strategies:

Suffixes -er, -est




Topic 7: 

7-1:  Count By 10's to 120

7-2: Count by 1's to 120

7-3: Count On A Number Chart to 120

7-4: Count By 1's or 10's to 120

7-5: Count On An Open Number Line

7-6: Count And Write Numbers

7-7: Math Practices & Problem Solving: Repeated Reasoning