Anchor Text:  How Animals Communicate

Genre: Informational Text


Paired Selection:   Insect Messages

Genre: Informational Text


Decodable Readers:

Brad  and Cris

What Did Dad Get?


The Big Job



Target Skill: 

Main Idea and Details

Text and Graphic Features


Target Strategy:  Infer/Predict



Short i

Blends with r

Phonogram -ip


High Frequency Words (Sight Words):

animal, how, make, of, some, why


Read Aloud:

Prairie Dogs





Spelling Words:

in, will, did, sit, six, big


Challenge Spelling Words:

drip, trip, chip, ship, trim, flip


Grammar Skills:

commas in a series


Writing Mods:

Informative Writing: Poetry

Focus Trait: Word Choice


Vocabulary Strategies:

Using A Glossary




Topic 3: 

3-1:  Count On To Add Using A Number Line 

3-2:  Count On To Add Using An Open Number Line

3-3:  Memorize Doubles Facts

3-4: Doubles Plus One

3-5: Doubles Plus Two

3-6: Make Ten To Add To Twenty

3-7: Make Ten To Add To Twenty

3-8: Solve Addition Problems Using Different Strategies

3-9: Solve Different Types Of Word Problems

3-10: Critique The Thinking Of Others Using What I Know About Addition And Subtraction