Anchor Text:  The Storm

Genre: Realistic Fiction


Paired Selection:   Storms

Genre: Informational Text


Decodable Readers:

Can It Fit?

I Ran

Sid Pig



Target Skill: 

Understanding Characters

Realistic Fiction


Target Strategy:  Infer/Predict



Short i

Consonants r,h, /z/s, b, g

Phonogram: -it


High Frequency Words (Sight Words):

for, he, what, look, have, too


Read Aloud:

Susie and the Bandits


Speaking & Listening Skill:

Ask and Answer Questions


Spelling Words:

if, is, him, rip, fit, pin


Grammar Skills:

Possessive Nouns


Writing Mods:

Narrative Writing


Writing Form:

Narrative Writing: Writing Captions



Topic 1: Solve Addition & Subtraction Problems To 10

1-1:  Solve Problems: Add 

1-2: Solve Problems: Put Together

1-3: Solve Problems: Both Addends Unknown

1-4: Solve Problems: Take From

1-5: Solve Problems: Compare Situations

1-6: Solve Problems: Continue to Compare Situations

1-7: Solve Problems: Add To

1-8: Solve Problems: Put Together/Take Apart

1-9: Construct Arguments (Explain Reasoning)