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Mrs. Reeves's Third Grade Class




Specials Schedule:

Monday - Spanish

Tuesday - Performing Arts, Computers

Wednesday - Health, Library

Thursday - Gym

Friday - Gym, Art






Week of April 16:



This week, we are working through lesson 22.


Essential Question:  Why do animals migrate to other places?

Target Vocabulary:  migrate, survival, plenty, frightening, accidents, solid, chilly, landscape. thunderous, dramatic

Spelling Pattern:  changing the final y to i

Vocabulary Strategy:  word roots

Comprehension Skills: compare/contrast, author's word choice, visualize

Writing Focus:  RACE






We are now working in Topic 13:  Fraction equivalence and comparison.



Social Studies

 We are about to begin a new unit called Working in Communities.  Students will learn about businesses, world wide trading, and earning, spending, and saving money.