Mrs. Reeves's Third Grade Class


(updated 2/15/17)




**Please be sure to check your child's grades on the Parent Portal frequently. You can also view the literacy test results on Think Central.



We are currently working on Lesson 17.  Due to the next two weeks being four day weeks, we will not test this week.  Quizzes on Lesson 17 will be given on Friday, 2/24.


This week's...


Essential QuestionWhat can fossils tell us about the past?

Main Selection:  The Albertosaurus Mystery: Philip Currie’s Hunt in the Badlands

Second Selection: Finding Fossils for Fun

Target Vocabulary: clues, remains, evidence, prove, fossils, skeletons, uncovering, buried, fierce, location

Phonics Skills: Words with /j/ and /s/; words with the VCCCV pattern

Vocabulary Strategy: Suffix –ly

Comprehension Skill: Conclusions— use details to figure out ideas that the author doesn’t state

Comprehension Strategy: Visualize—as you read, use selection details to picture what is happening

Writing Focus: Opinion writing




We will begin Topic 10 on Thursday, 2/16.  The topic covers fraction comparison and equivalence.  Lessons will teach children how to compare fractions with the same numerator, fractions with the same denominator, fractions on a number line, and using benchmark fractions.  Later lessons will teach students how to find equivalent fractions using fraction strips, division, and number lines.


Please continue to practice multiplication facts at home.  These are used in the study of fractions.


Social Studies

All three classes have been learning about immigration and Ellis Island.  Classes have listened to the story "Coming to America: The Story of Immigration" by Betsy Maestro. Next, we will pretend to be immigrants going through the process of questioning and testing at Ellis Island.