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Monkey of The Week

Mrs. McGonigle's Class






Our "Monkey of The Week" program will begin the week of October 6th.  Each child will have a turn to be Marvelous!  I have attached a schedule so you know when everyone will have their turn.  I will also send home a reminder the week before your child's turn.


The children may bring in items from home that will help us learn more about them.  The following list is a suggested guideline that will help you, but feel free to improvise.  The children will have a 4 or 5 day school week, depending on the school calendar.  This is a fun way to learn more about each other and develop public speaking skills.  It helps build confidence and self-esteem, too.


Monday: Share your "All About Me" Poster

On a posterboard create an "All About Me" collage.  They may be as creative as they like using photos, magazine pictures, drawings, or anything else that will help us learn more about them.  Parents, you may write for your child or help your child do his or her own writing.  The "Monkey of the Week" will present their poster to the class.


Tuesday: Show and Tell

Send in 3 small items from home that are special to your child so he or she may share them with the class.


Wednesday: Favorite Story

Help your child choose his or her favorite storybook to share with the class as a read aloud on this day.


Thursday: What do you do well?

Teach the class something you like to do.


Friday: Favorite Snack

Send in your child's favorite snack to share with the class.


 Monkey of The week Schedule:

If the selected date does not work for you, other dates are available.