Homework for Week of October 23




Reread, Animals Building Homes



Math:  Addition and Subtraction Strategies Up to 100

Practice addition and subtraction facts regularly. Your child will have timed addition and subtraction tests throughout the year and scores will be reflected on report cards.  90-100% correct = 3, 70-89% correct = 2, and 69% and below = 1 on your child's report card. Please help your child practice.  Use Fact Dash and Pearson Math Games (Fluency), on my website homepage, to help your child with fact fluency.  All pages completed during the week will go home on Fridays.


ELA (English and Language Arts) 


Unit 2 Lesson 6


Phonics/Spelling: Ending blends

Grammar:   Plural nouns with -es

Reading Skill:  Text and Graphic Features

Reading Strategy:  Question

Writing:  Informational Paragraph


Social Studies:  

Our post card exchange is beginning.  Students will learn several facts about New Jersey in order to write an informational paragraph that will be attached to a post card of New Jersey.  After sending our post cards, students will begin to receive post cards, and learn interesting facts from the thirty-one states participating.  


Global Read Aloud: We connected with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade class in Winnipeg, Canada to discuss chapters 1-8 of Fenway and Hattie.  Students shared text to self connections with each other.  Our classes also practiced visualization skills and shared sketches of characters from the book.