Ask your child about his/her Dojo points.


Homework for 3/19-3/23

(All homework is due on Friday)

No Spelling (Unit 4 Review and Test Week)

Language Arts spiral review

Math subtraction with regrouping practice

Raz-Kids: Complete two stories

Science Study Guide due 3/23

Science Test 2/27



ELA (English and Language Arts)

Unit 4: Review and Test



Reading Skill:  

Reading Strategy:  

Writing:  Narrative Writing: 



Topic 12:  Measuring Length

Practice addition and subtraction facts regularly. Your child will have 5 minute addition and subtraction drills throughout the year and scores will be reflected on report cards.  85-100% = 3, 70-84% = 2, and 69% and below = 1 on your child's report card. Please help your child practice.  Use Fact Dash and Pearson Math Games (Fluency), on our classroom website homepage, to help your child with fact fluency.  



Social Studies  

UNIT 5:  A World of Many People

Students will study people and their cultures.