September 23, 2016

OPEN HOUSE       It was so nice to see everyone at Open House! I hope you enjoyed a peek into your child’s day. Please let me know if you’d like to come in and surprise the class as a “Mystery Reader.” Don’t forget to send in the show and tell bags. Some children shared them today.


LITERACY    This week our theme was Families. We read “What Makes a Family” and “Building with Dad.” We learned the sight word “I” and practiced rhyming and counting syllables in words. Next week our theme will be Going to School and our sight word will be “like.”


MATH         I introduced math centers this week.  We had fun spinning, dotting, and rolling numbers to help us practice writing them. We will finish up Topic 1, Numbers to 5, next week.


FALL     Happy Fall!  We will be learning about the weather and the seasons in the coming weeks.  We cut out fall leaves to decorate the hallway and the classroom.  We will complete some more fall centered arts and crafts projects. The children will be looking for signs of Fall in nature.


APPLES, APPLES, APPLES    Next week we will celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday and learn all about apples. This ties into our lessons on the seasons as well as the five senses.  We will read about Johnny Appleseed and learn that his real last name was Chapman.  He planted apple seeds for the settlers who were moving west over 200 years ago.   Please send in three apples (red, green and yellow) Monday or Tuesday.  We will have a taste test, graph our favorite color apple and make apple mosaics and apple prints to decorate the classroom and hallway.


SNACK       Each afternoon we take a short break for a healthy snack. 

Please pack a water bottle, snack and napkin.  Please pack the snack separately in the backpack so the children don’t have to go through their lunch boxes. 



September 16, 2016

LITERACY   We’ve been practicing identifying letters and sounds, rhyming, clapping out syllables and learning to read each other’s names.  We’ve read many stories, including “From Anne to Zach,” “My Place in Space,” “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” and “Welcome to Kindergarten.”  We made a class book called “From Anne to Wyatt” that we will take turns bringing home. We are working on Chicka Boom Boom trees. They look adorable! Next week we will begin our Balanced Literacy series, Journeys.


BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT    I hope you can make it next Wednesday night.  The children are so excited for you to see our classroom!


SONGS   Ask your child to sing the songs we learned.  They really love to sing!  They have learned the “Color Farm” song and “Hello Neighbor.”


MATH     We have started Counting and Cardinality Topic 1, Numbers to 5. We are working hard to print the numbers correctly.  We will learn how to use 10 frames to help us count and picture numbers.  We worked in teams to roll number cubes and practice printing the corresponding numbers. Next week the children will go on a hunt around the classroom to find characters from the story “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?” and filled in corresponding 10 frames.