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 Astronaut of the Week



Each child will have a week to shine. The children may bring in items from home that will help us learn more about them. The following list is a suggested guideline that will help you, but feel free to improvise. This is a fun way to learn more about each other and develop public speaking skills. It helps build confidence and self-esteem, too. Parents are welcome to come in and participate by reading a story, sharing a snack, etc.


Monday: Bring in photos showing your family or special places you have visited.  Be ready to tell us about them.  Most families like to make a poster or collage.


Tuesday: Bring in a favorite belonging, such as a toy, game, or souvenir. Tell us why it is special to you.


Wednesday:  Bring in a favorite book to read or a short home video to watch.


Thursday: What is something you do well?  Teach the class something you like to do.


Friday: Bring in your favorite snack to share with the class.




Week of Oct 9: Raffaele


Week of Oct 16: Max 


Week of Oct 23: Lucas


Week of Oct 30: Lottie


Week of Nov 13: Lia


Week of Nov 27: Kevin


Week of Dec 4: Kendall


Week of Dec 11: Kate


Week of Jan 8: Jacob


Week of Jan 22: GiGi


Week of Jan 29: Delilah


Week of Feb 5: Bennett


Week of Feb 26: Annabelle