Our Classroom News

May 2016 

Week of May 15

**Class trip to Historic Cold Spring Village on Thursday May 18**

bring a bag lunch - NO GLASS BOTTLES


                                 Our HW schedule is generally:

                                 Mon - ELA: grammar page*, Close Read sheet (due Weds)

                                            Math: worksheet, double sided*

                                 Tues - ELA: grammar page*, RAZ Kids reading assignment (due Thurs)

                                              Math: worksheet, double sided*

                                 Weds - ELA: grammar page*, Reader's Notebook 2 spelling pages (due Fri)

                                             Math: worksheet, double sided*

                                   Thurs - ELA: study for weekly quizzes: spelling, grammar, decoding,

                                                         vocabulary, and story comprehension

                                                Math: worksheet, double sided*

                                    Fri - ELA: none

                                             Math: none

                        *math and grammar assignments are always due THE NEXT DAY

                         ***your child should also read NIGHTLY! :)

RAZ KIDS - the teacher code is tbaronowitz0


ELAUnit 5

Lesson  23 - Owen & Mzee

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction

Target Skills: Compare & Contrast, Fact & Opinion, Author's Word Choice

Target Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

Decoding: VCCCV Pattern

Vocabulary Strategies: suffixes -ed, -ly

Grammar: Commas

 Quizzes - Friday, May 19

(All the information your child needs to succeed on these quizzes is available in the weekly story packets - spelling list, vocabulary definitions, and essential story skills. Your child is strongly encouraged to re-read or listen to the weekly story online before the quiz, at, and review spelling words on SpellingCity online - see my Spelling page for weekly list links.)



PLEASE make sure your child is reading at home -

at least 20 minutes a night


Accelerated Reader: Fourth graders are responsible for taking at least one Accelerated Reader test monthly. 

May  AR test must be taken by Friday June 2

**all 3 AR Tests for third marking period must be completed by 6/2**

Students select a book they are comfortable reading independently, read (20 minutes per night is strongly suggested!), and then take an Accelerated Reader test (at school) on the computer, through Mrs. Hughes' library website.

If you have questions about the appropriateness of your book selection, please see me.


Students are strongly encouraged to read more than one book per month!

* * * * * * * * * *


Writing - In Unit 5 we are working on Informational/Explanatory writing


 * * * * * * * * * * 



Topic 14: Measurement

 * * * * * * * * * * 


CCFocus Classes:

We are reading The BFG by Roald Dahld.