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   We utilize the JOURNEYS Common Core literacy series.


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  Our lessons will incorporate all aspects of Balanced Literacy: Interactive Read-Aloud, Shared Reading, Independent Reading, and Guided Reading, as well as lots of writing.

     For Guided Reading, I will be meeting with small groups approximately twice per week; we will be working on specific reading skills during these meetings.


   During these meeting times, the rest of the class will be involved in literacy activities such as

                                 independent literacy centers

                                 independent reading or writing

                                 completing SRA Kits

                                 online activities such as StudyIsland,

                                    SumDog Reading, or Accelerated Reader.

Please note: students are responsible for taking a MINIMUM of ONE Accelerated Reader test per month!

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One of the reading skills fourth graders are responsible for

is ALLUSION (a figure of speech that makes reference to a place, person or event).

Many of the allusions that appear in fourth grade texts come from Greek/Roman mythology.

We will be reading & discussion Greek/Roman gods and myths

as time allows in class,

to broaden students' knowledge base so they may more easily understand

allusions that appear in texts we read.

Here are a few great websites that your child may access

to learn more about Greek mythology:

Ancient Greek Gods

Greek Myths

 Greek Gods

 HUGE site of Greek stories

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 creative ways to do book reports.pdf 


Some Fun ELA Games

Cowboy Shootout (Synonyms & Antonyms)

Archery Game (Similes & Metaphors)

Raceway (Idioms & Proverbs)