DUCKSTERS -for living wax musuem research



Internet 4 Classrooms - provides links to a variety of math skill builders - fun pratice for math facts


Math Magician - practice timed multiplication quizzes




Internet 4 Classrooms - provides links to a variety of language arts skill builders


Gulp the Plural Noun - identify the correct spelling of plural nouns in a race against the computer


Bango Plural Noun Puncher - help Bango the Kangaroo break decide which endings go on plural nouns


Precision Adverbs - find the adverbs in a sentence and use the "owl cannon" to shoot the adverb


Adverb vs. Adjective Baskebtall - identify if the word in a sentence is an adjective or an adverb and make a basket to earn a point


Spot the Adverb - help the bunny collect gold coins by finding adverbs along his path...but beware of the bunny catcher