The Philadelphia SOUL Singers will be performing on

Saturday, June 10th @ 7:00 p.m. at the Wells Fargo Center!

ALL AFL Release forms should be returned to Mrs. Barbera by Tuesday,

June 6th---all forms must be signed and returned--or you will be unable to

appear on the playing field.

PLEASE remember, we are meeting at 5:45 p.m. outside the doors behind

sections 122/123.  The children will return to meet you at the same location,

after their performance. Each child must have a ticket in his/her pocket.

The T-shirt provided, jeans or dark pants and sneakers will be our attire.  No

other clothing is acceptable.  Absolutely NO shorts will be allowed on the floor.

{You may bring along other clothes to change into when we have finished singing,

if that is important to you}

This should be an evening to remember for a lifetime!  The thrill of performing

God Bless America for thousands of people will make the children very happy for

days to come!

Thank you for your support!  I am looking forward to seeing you at the Wells

Fargo Center on Saturday night!










KINDERGARTEN chorus  meets on 

FIRST GRADE chorus meets on 

SECOND GRADE chorus meets on

THIRD GRADE chorus rehearses on 

FOURTH GRADE chorus rehearses on


There will be rehearsals for THIRD and FOURTH Grade chorus together

as we prepare for the MAPS Foundation performance on December in Atlantic City.

Our appearance will be at Resorts on stage at the Margaritaville Restaurant 

We are scheduled to perform on Lite Rock 

 Our Holiday Show will be on 


There might be a musical experience involving a semi-professional sports team in the Spring--in

addition to our Spring Concert! AND, we are scheduled!!! We are singing God Bless America

at the Wells Fargo Center   for the Philadelphia Soul  arena football

champions!  Fill out the forms and purchase your tickets ASAP!! Please join us for this

memorable and fun-filled night!



Mrs. Barbera will pick up the younger students from the cafeteria @ 11:38 a.m.

to escort them to the music room for rehearsal.  Third and Fourth grades will

come directly to the music room @ 11:15 a.m.



Chorus is a voluntary activity.

Chorus is a commitment for the ENTIRE school year.

There are additional sign-up papers in each K, 1st and 2nd grade classrooms

to join chorus for the Spring.


Chorus has officially ENDED for this school year!   Enjoy your recess OUTSIDE!



Thank you so much to all of the boys and girls who participated in CHORUS this year!

Our Spring Concert was very enjoyable!   Each choral group was OUTSTANDING!

I am very proud of each and every single one of you!

Have a safe and terrific summer!

I'll look forward to seeing your smiling faces in September!