KINDERGARTEN chorus  meets on Tuesday.*

FIRST GRADE chorus meets on Friday.*

SECOND GRADE chorus meets on Thursday.*

THIRD GRADE chorus rehearses on  Wednesday.

FOURTH GRADE chorus rehearses on Monday.


There will be rehearsals for THIRD and FOURTH Grade chorus together,                                                                after Thanksgiving, as we prepare for the December Chorus Trip.



*Mrs. Barbera will pick up the younger students from the cafeteria @ 11:38 a.m.

to escort them to the music room for rehearsal.  

Third and Fourth grades will come directly to the music room @ 11:15 a.m.



Chorus is a voluntary activity.

Chorus is a commitment for the ENTIRE school year.


There will be a Chorus Contract for third and fourth grade students.  It needs to be signed by 

the child and a parent/guardian and returned to Mrs. Barbera by Wednesday, September 27th.

It will specify attendance requirements, rehearsal expectations, and concert