***I am hoping to have the flyers and permission slips

ready for the first Wednesday folder, September 14th.

The sooner we get the paperwork out of the way, the faster lessons can begin!


Instrumental lessons are offered to the fourth grade

students and they are a voluntary activity. The instruments

may be rented directly from 

Pleasantville Music Shoppe (or Hambro's House of Music).


The instruments being offered are clarinet, alto saxophone,

trumpet and percussion kit only  (drum PAD and Xylophone).

{no single snare drum, please}



Once the instrument is rented and you have the instrument, book

and stand in your home,  please send me a note or an email and I will

add your child's name to the schedule.


Lesson times vary from week to week, but I make every attempt

to keep the DAYS the same for consistency. {It looks as if our

lessons days this year are Tuesdays and Thursday.} The children are

responsible for the work they miss during their lesson times.  This

should be discussed with your fourth grade teacher.


I will add ensembles to the schedule after the first six to eight weeks of

lessons, depending on our practice and progress.  

These small group sessions are in addition to the private



The "band" will participate in our Fourth Annual Music Department Concert

toward the end of the school year.  All students taking lessons will perform

for this program. (Usually scheduled in MAY)


This an exciting opportunity for your child to learn an instrument in a

welcoming and comfortable environment.  There is a responsibility that

is attached and that is the care of the instrument, as well as the need for

daily practice.  Your praise and enthusiasm really assists in the practice routine and

building confidence--YOU are part of our TEAM!

The instrument should never be played outside the home or

once at school, outside the music room.


I am looking forward to many "breakthrough" moments with each child and

our goal to play together as a band, in the music room, before winter break.


Thanks very much!


Mrs. Barbera


P.S.   Please feel free to call me, anytime, at 609-822-2080 ext. 309  {New room, NEW Extension}

or email me at Rbarbera@margateschools.org






Schedule for the week of April 10th, 2017


Tuesday, 04-11-17                   


On STAGE   Cafeteria

9:51-10:21 a.m.   Mrs. McGuigan's class   Chloe, Brynn, Isabella, Grace

                         Christopher, Eileen and Kannon


12:03-12:33 p.m.   Ms. Adams'class    Siena, Hannah, Kal & Zuzanna


2:09-2:39 p.m.   Mrs. Baronowitz' class   Billy, Lauren, Bridget & Chloe




We have instituted a little "friendly" competition concerning

our preparation and performance during lessons.  On the door of

the music room is a banner that reads "Shining Stars"  and a paper

announcing the FABULOUS Lesson of the Week.

For the week of October 3rd, Noah Cutler had an amazing trumpet lesson.

and for the week of October 10th, Grace Fishbein had a spectacular trumpet lesson.

For the week of October 17th, Isabella Ferreira had a collossal clarinet lesson.

and for the week of October 24th, Lauren Fox demonstrated a captivating clarinet

lesson!  November 3rd proved to be our first CO-Fabulous LESSONS of the week--Bridget

for a scintillating saxophone lesson and Eileen for her creative clarinet lesson--wow!

This week's Fabuloso Lesson belonged to Kannon Tripician--tremendous trumpet playing!

Congratulations to Noah, Gracie, Isabella, Lauren, Eileen and Bridget, and Kannon. We

welcome Hannah Gaskill to the illustrious Fabulous Lessons for her catacylsmic clarinet

preparation and lesson last week!


The New Year begins with Billy DiLorenzo's triumphant trumpet success--great!  Very happy to

include Chloe Connors in our Fabulous Lesson of the week.  She displayed persistent

percussion preparation---practically perfect lesson! Brynn Culmone joinedthe Fabuloso crew

with her awesome trumpet lesson on February 23rd, and Zuzanna Turska had a terrific 

trumpet lesson on February 28th!  Congratulations girls!


There are 5 other names I would like to see announced---and--there is always the

possibility for numerous nominations!

Let's get serious about practicing!  :-)