Instrumental lessons are offered to the fourth grade

students and they are a voluntary activity. The instruments

may be rented directly from 

Pleasantville Music Shoppe (or Hambro's House of Music).


The instruments being offered are clarinet, alto saxophone,

trumpet and percussion kit only  (drum PAD and Xylophone).

{no single snare drum, please}






Instrumental Ensembles   Wednesday, December 6th, 2017


Cafeteria, please!


9:09-9:39 a.m.   Maren, Cally, Lilly and Allie

9:51-10:21 a.m.   Margot, Dani, Christian, Bryce and Angelo

10:33-11:03 a.m.   Madison, Gemma, Santino, Melana and Jack


Please bring your books and instruments to school on Wednesday,

You may leave them on the edge of the stage in the morning, as you


ALL percussion players, please pack your xylophone stand in your case

for these ensembles.




IF you happen to miss your lesson time, for whatever reason,

please be courteous and see me as quickly as possible.  We

can try to reschedule.


Please be sure to bring your instrument and book to school

on your lesson day. Please leave your classroom quietly without

disturbing your teacher or classmates @ 1 minute before your

lesson time. Knock on the music room door and enter at your lesson




We have instituted a "friendly" competition for practice.  On the outside

window of the music room, we have a banner that reads SHINING STARS.

Every week, I am listening for a terrifically prepared lesson  to showcase

different student's abilities.

On October 5, 2017, Maren DePerseanaire had a spectacular clarinet lesson.

On October 11, 2017, Margot Swift had a superb trumpet lesson and

on October 26, 2017, Christian Hornig-Fineran played a scintillating sax lesson!


Let's get working even harder---so you may have your picture up on the wondow!








Once the instrument is rented and you have the instrument, book

and stand in your home,  please email or call me and I will send the instrumental

contract home with your child.   Once it is signed and returned,

I will add your child's name to the schedule and send home a confirmation.

Please, do not allow your child to bring the instrument

and book to school, expecting a lesson that day.


Lesson times vary from week to week, but I make every attempt

to keep the DAYS the same for consistency. {It looks as if our

lessons days this year are Wednesday and Thursday.} The children are

responsible for the work they miss during their lesson times.


I hope to add ensembles to the schedule after the first six to eight                                                                       weeks of lessons, depending on our practice and progress.  

These small group sessions are in addition to the private



The "band" will participate in our Annual Music Department Concert

toward the end of the school year.  All students taking lessons will perform

for this program. (May 4, 2018))


{There will be an instrumental lesson contract, to be signed by the child and

parent/guardian.  There are practice requirements, lesson attendance, and specific

attire for public performances.  Lessons occur from the end of September through

the Spring Concert.}


This is an exciting opportunity for your child to learn an instrument in a

welcoming and comfortable environment.  There is a responsibility that

is attached and that is the care of the instrument, as well as the need for

daily practice.  Your praise and enthusiasm really assists in the practice routine and

building confidence--YOU are part of our TEAM!

The instrument should never be played outside the home or

once at school, outside the music room.


I am looking forward to many "breakthrough" moments with each child and

our goal to play together as a band, on stage, before winter break.


Thanks very much!


Mrs. Barbera


P.S.   Please feel free to call me, anytime, at 609-822-2080 ext. 309  

or email me at