Ms. Adams





We will take our last social studies quiz on Thursday, June 8.  It will cover the first two lessons of unit 3.  Please study the vocabulary, the study guides, and the packet for those two lessons. 



The book test on the chapter will be given on Tuesday, April 11.  All 3 classes will take the test on that day.

All three classes will be taking a quiz on Thursday, April 6.  The quiz will be on all 5 lessons in unit 2.  Students should study the information and vocabulary they circled on their study guides.



Week of February 13, 2016

All 3 classes have begun lesson 3: The American Revolution.  Please make sure you are reviewing the study guides and flash cards from lessons 1 and 2 while studying lesson 3.  I will supplement this lesson with videos.  I'll let everyone know when to expect a quiz.  


Baronowitz's class: quiz on Monday, February 6

Adams's class will take the quiz on Tuesday, February 7

McGuigan's class will take the quiz on Wednesday, February 8


Week of January 30, 2017

We will be reading Unit 2 lesson 2: The New Jersey Colony.  Students should be studying their vocabulary from lesson 1 and the new words from lesson 2.  Continue to review the study guide from lesson 1 as well as the new study guide from lesson 2. Expect a quiz the following week. 1.27.17


We will take our quiz on Unit 2 Lesson 1: Europeans Arrive next week. Mrs. Baronowitz's class and Mrs. McGuigan's classes will take the quiz on Thursday, January 26.  Ms. Adams's class will take it on Wednesday, the 25th.  Students should study the vocabulary cards they made for the chapter, the study guide that we filled in during class, and the 2 packet pages that helped us review the lesson.  The lesson 1 link is now active if you need a copy of the notes.  1/20/17



We are beginning Unit 2: Exploration to Early Statehood on 1-9-17.  Please review the vocabulary words and the study guide questions every night so students are ready for the quiz when it happens.  Thank you. 


Update: quiz on December 8 11/29/16

We should be ready for a quiz on lesson 3 the week of December 5th. 11/23/16


Week of November 7: We will begin Unit 4 lesson 3: New Jersey's Economy.  Please go over the vocabulary and the questions every night.  You should also be reviewing the vocabulary and notes from lessons 1 and 2.  There will be questions from those lessons on the quiz for lesson 3.  The unit test will cover all the lessons in the unit.  



We will take our quiz on unit 4 lesson 2 on Thursday, November 3rd.  It will include questions from lesson 1, so please make sure you keep reviewing that lesson.  



We will begin Unit 4 lesson 2: State and Local Government on Friday, October 7th.  Students should study their vocabulary flash cards and the study guides for lessons 1 and 2 a little every night.  Material from lesson 1 will appear on the lesson 2 quiz to reinforce what we've learned.  All four lessons in this chapter will be included on the Unit 4 test. 



We will take our first quiz on Thursday, October 6, 2016.  Please study the notes and the vocabulary from lesson 1.  Also, make sure you are able to read and use a time zone map. 




Click on the live link to open a copy of the notes from each lesson. 





Unit 2: Exploration to Statehood 

Unit 2: lesson 1: Europeans Arrive 

Unit 2: Lesson 2: The New Jersey Colony 

Unit 2: Lesson 3: The American Revolution 

Unit 2: Lesson 4: The Constitution 

Unit 2: Lesson 5: New Inventions and Growth


 Unit 4: New Jersey Today

Lesson 1: National Government 

Lesson 2: State and Local Government 

Lesson 3: New Jersey's Economy


Unit 1: New Jersey's Land and Early People

Parent Letter Topic 1 

Topic 1: Lesson 1:   Where is NJ?

Topic 1: Lesson 2:   New Jersey's Natural Regions

Topic 1: Lesson 3: New Jersey's Climate and Resources

Topic1: Lesson 4: The Lenape



Unit 2: Exploration to Statehood

Unit 2: lesson 1: Europeans Arrive

Unit 2: Lesson 2: The New Jersey Colony

Unit 2: Lesson 3: The American Revolution

Unit 2: Lesson 4: The Constitution

Unit 2: Lesson 5: New Inventions and Growth



Unit 3: Progress as a State

Lesson 1: New Jersey During the Civil War

Lesson 2: A Growing State

Lesson 3: Challenging Times

Lesson 4: Changing Times