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Mrs. Sykes's Poe Webquest

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Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!” These powerful words are the lines from the most famous American poem ever written. Edgar Allan Poe, the prestigious author of this poem, lived a short, tumultuous life that ended suddenly in 1849. We will never fully understand how Poe’s mind created such dark, haunting stories. However, we have learned to appreciate his ingenuity and creativity.

Throughout the past two weeks, you have learned about the life of this brilliant author as well as read and analyzed several of his famous stories. Now, you are embarking on an internet journey into Edgar Allan Poe’s amazing mind. You will be entering the creative world of a true genius.

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Answer the following tasks to complete your experience today. Please use the handout provided to write down your questions. The worksheet can be accessed at the top of this page. Save the document by clicking on SAVE AS, then type POESYK, finally saving it into your folder. Enjoy!

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Task 1:   

Edgar Allan Poe considered himself more of a poet than a writer. Go to the link:

Find two poems not read in class. Read and write down the titles of the poem. Write a short summary of each poem.

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Task 2:

Go to the website and read the article.

He considered the death of a beautiful woman the most poetic topic in the world. Why? Do you agree? Why or Why not?

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Task 3:

Find two stories not read in class. Write down the titles with a short summary of the each story. Use the website to answer this task. Click on the “works” to locate your answer.

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Task 4:

Poe is considered the father of the horror story. He is a direct influence on Stephen King. Use the article from this site

to help you in your task:

Explain what gives him this title. Do you think his works could be turned into movies? Why or Why not?

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Task 5:   

Edgar Allan Poe’s life was filled with misery, loss and conflict. Write down two of the conflicts he faced in his life. How did this conflict provide inspiration for his writings? Explain.

Go to the website:

Click on Biography Search. Type in Edgar Allan Poe. You will see a 5 page article on Poe.

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