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 Video Assignments:

  7th Grade

Mansa Musa: 


  8th grade


  Chapter 9-Documents of Destiny


Chapter 11: Manifest Destiny- The Oregon Trail Game




Geography Games: Race against the clock placing countries/states/capitals in their appropriate locations!
 States and Capitals           


 State Abbreviations                       

 Africa map puzzle               

 Asia map puzzle                    

 South America                  : 

Central America                 

 North America                     

 Middle East                            


American History and Current Events
13 Colonies                          

President trivia games                                                                      

The white house website...lots of neat pictures and facts                

 find out what is happening in the House of Representatives          

 find out what is happening in the Senate                                          


Constitution made easy (Ben's guide to government)                    


Medival links
Medieval Games                   

More Medieval Games          

Medieval Game of Live            


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