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Vocabulary Index Cards Directions


You may be asking yourself, “Why should I do index cards if it's an optional assignment?”  If you choose to complete index cards, you will make sure that you are revisiting the 20 words in each unit after our classroom activities in preparation for Friday’s test. I suggest that you do not rush this process and that you use it as a study technique. Take your time doing your cards. You have ample time to get them done, a whole school week. You can do 5 cards a night! No big deal! You can even use your cards to quiz yourself. AND the best thing about completing your index are allowed to use 5 of your cards while you take the test (Please note: you must make your choice of which 5 cards before the test, however). Not a bad deal, right?


You may do your index cards on traditional cards or on the computer. If you do them on the computer, the cards must be generated and typed by you; do not use the Sadlier-Oxford site for index cards. If you choose to type index cards, they must be cut prior to class. Your index card should look like this:      




1) adjacent


       (BACK OF CARD)

(adj.) near, next to, adjoining

 S)  alongside, nearby, neighboring

A) faraway, distant