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Library Grading Policy


Kindergarten Grading Rubric


B (Beginning) - Rarely participates in lessons and activities; does not follow directions


D (Developing) - Participates occasionally in lessons and activities; needs support following directions


S (Secure) - Participates often in lessons and activities; follows directions



Grades 1-5 Grading Rubric


E (Exceeds expectations) - Participates fully, enthusiastically, and follows directions the entire class period. Shows leadership and applies skills without prompting.


S+ (Satisfactory plus) - Participates fully in class. Follows directions and applies skills when prompted. Demonstrates positive behavior.


S  (Satisfactory) - Participates as required, but shows no real evidence of applying learned skills. Attempts or tries and follows basic classroom rules.


S-  (Satisfactory minus) - Less than minimal effort. Needs to be reminded to stay on task and follow class rules. Is not fully prepared to participate.


U (Unsatisfactory) -  Refuses to participate or do written classwork. Does not follow class rules. Not prepared for class.