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Q1 Class Schedule 2019.doc (Mr. D's Homeroom ~ 5B)


Login Info Template.docx 

Use to copy down all your child's logins for each program we use, 

and to check grades online.




Contact Information Form.jpg

Please fill out if your information changes.  

Both the office and the teacher should be notified of any changes.


GDCS 2019 - 2020 School Calendar.doc 


Grading Periods and Due Dates 2019-20.doc

All dates for Quarters 1 - 4, progress report mailings, and report card conferences.


Photo Waiver.doc 

Please fill out to give permission for your child's photo/video to be used on school approved sites, newspaper articles, TV spots, and/or Teacher's YouTube Channel.


Emergency School Closings.jpg


School Security Policies

Page 1.jpg   Page 2.jpg


N.UT. Card Day Guidelines.jpg




Content Free Questions.doc

Book Letter Guidelines 2017-18.docx 


Guidelines for Proofing Your Book Letter.gif


Descriptive Words Using the Senses (1).jpg


Descriptive Words Using the Senses (2).jp


Simple Summary Blank.jpg


Simple Summary Sample.jpg


Blank Reading Log.xls


Sample Reading Log.xls  


Open-Ended Scoring Rubric for Reading, Listening, and Speaking.jpg


Oral Retelling Rubric.doc


Character Traits Chart


Analyzing Details.doc


Cursive Alphabet.gif


Cursive Alphabet.png



Character Ed:


Procedures I Will Teach Early in the Year.jpg




Our Student/Parent/Teacher Contract.jpg  


Advanced Social Skills (1).jpg

Advanced Social Skills (2).jpg


Facts About Weapons in Schools (1).jpg

Facts About Weapons in Schools (2).jpg





Nurse's Office Procedures.doc


Student Health Screening Procedure.doc 


Instructions to Prevent the Spread of Cold & Flu.pdf 


Make the BRAIN HEALTHY and the MIND SHARP.pdf


Yoga in Schools (1).jpg

Yoga in Schools (2).jpg 

Yoga In Schools (3).jpg